3-month data science
training program

Berlin, Germany

Batch 11 starts 12 June 2017

Batch 12 starts 04 September 2017


“I want to be a (better) data scientist, but online courses just don't cut it.”

We hear this from virtually every candidate we interview.

You have a profound interest in Data Science.

You've taken MOOCs on Machine Learning.

You're confident about your coding.

You feel ready for the next step.

But something's missing...

Sounds familiar?


...Enter Data Science Retreat


"The learning rate is tremendous. Data Science Retreat has pushed me to my limit and beyond"

TOAv (batch 08)

Data Science Retreat brings together top data scientists and participants seeking exceptional growth.

    Our students are an international bunch of highly educated and talented data scientists in-the-making. They all come with a unique idea and are ready to seize the opportunity of turning it into a reality.

    Take a look at some of the highlights and visit the graduates page.


    Using Github activity as a signal that technical workers are looking for a new job

    This project goes to show the enormous potential of Machine learning and data-crunching. An abstraction over a deceivingly simple concept: workers who are looking for a job get active on GitHub. And on Linkedin. And on Hacker News. Can a machine know when you are going to switch jobs? Or when you are thinking about it? That would be the right time to approach someone with a job offer.

    AI-powered highlights - Deep-learning the interestingness in Starcraft 2 videos

    The videogame industry is bigger than Hollywood, yet watching game replays is tedious since you have to go through lots of boring stuff to get to the interesting bits. This portfolio project makes machines understand and predict peaks of interest of an audience, also called highlights. In this case, Starcraft is the subject because of the thriving video community it holds. 


    Epileptic patients never know when their next seizure is going to come. They fear leaving home unaccompanied. They cannot drive. They cannot cook. Would their life quality increase if a machine could warn them when one is about to hit them? This project reveals a model designed to predict epileptic seizures in patients with astonishingly high accuracy.



    "Exposure to data scientists who are at the highest level in their field. That has gone beyond expectation."

    – STEPHAN (BATCH 02), whose portfolio project turned into a company

    DSR is the only program worldwide whose mentors are at the Chief Data Scientist and CTO level. They are invested in your progress, and will train you to have the right mindset, to solve business questions with technology, and how to advise leaders. Some mentors teach, others provide advice during portfolio project time.

    Meet our graduates

    The Retreat

    Our approach to teaching is highly opinionated, and is based on our extensive experience in state-of-the-art machine learning, data science, and big data engineering.

    We know what works, and what doesn’t. If you want to learn this stuff as fast as humanly possible, this is your best bet:

    • Small class sizes
    • Battle-tested material
    • Expert mentors, at the top of their game, who are good at teaching.
      Don't take our word for it. See for yourself

    Is this for me?

    Data Science Retreat is for people with previous work experience and basic knowledge of machine learning.

    Programming knowledge is a requisite. We don't expect you to know data science related languages, but we do expect confidence in your coding, because you will spend most of your time doing it.

    You do not need a deep mathematical background. Some techniques, though, rely on linear algebra and probability theory.

    We update and improve our curriculum for every batch of students coming to DSR.
    Its emphasis is on helping you find questions you can answer with modern technology and on producing the best performing model humanly possible. 

    You will present your work to different audiences. We will train you to do it, but you may want to feel confident speaking in public before applying.



    Portfolio ProjecT

    Build something amazing on your own. This is the most important part of your retreat. We’ll be around to help you get rolling and prevent you from getting stuck.


    You'll be taught by experts in the field, covering theoretical and practical uses of data science.
    Take a look at what you'd be learning here.


    After three months of hands-on work, we host a demo day, where you will meet and talk with some of the top companies hiring data scientists today. The best of our students have landed some outstanding jobs.


    The Details

    Tuition: €10.000

    financing: support for tuitioN and expenses at Future Finance

    Where: in the vibrant startup metropolis BERLIN

    Class Size: 5–10 Students

    Language: all classes are taught in english


    THE Facts

    100% of participants got multiple interviews out of DSR

    60% of participants had to choose from multiple job offers

    86% of participants got the job they were looking for out of DSR


    Data Science Retreat is for you,
    if you want to...


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