Things you didn't know about Berlin


Inexpensive accomodation



Number of rooms

Average cost

San Francisco (Zipfian Academy) 1 bedroom $3,213
New York City (Metis; NYC Data Science Academy) 1 bedroom $3,039
Berlin (Data Science Retreat) 1 bedroom + utilities
1 bedroom (in a shared flat)
$726 (658 EUR)
$497 (450 EUR)

Affordable high-quality-of-life

  • The local public transportation system is inexpensive at €81.- per 30 days and includes buses, trams, subways, and commuter rail - plus: a great night transportation system guaranteeing mobility 24/7.  Also, there are bike paths on most major streets. Bicycles are first-class vehicles.
  • Berlin is surrounded by large forests and many lakes suitable for water sports and swimming, and is only 2 1/2 hours from the Baltic Sea. Eating out is very affordable (most restaurants have a daily deal at around 5-7 EUR). The health system is efficient and cost-effective. The top two gym chains each cost about 20 EUR per month.
  • Nightlife is spectacular: A thriving electronic music scene, parties that begin Friday night and end Monday morning, taking place in green parks, man-made river-beaches, and abandoned basements and buildings.

Startup capital

  • “Silicon Allee” is the area around Torstrasse in Berlin Mitte, the startup hotspot.
  • Startup deal flow in Berlin has been on par with London over the past years, and in 2015 the deal flow was just short of €2bn.
  • With a strong tech-culture here, you can literally go to a tech meetup every day, with world-class speakers.
  • Pretty much everything can be handled in English.
  • The big data and machine learning communities are extremely active.