Introduction to Scala for data scientists coming from another language

Many popular frameworks for building scalable, data-driven systems are built with Scala — such as Akka, Kafka, and Spark — and many companies are choosing Scala for their back-end systems and data pipelines. Scala and its ecosystem deserve a place in every data engineer’s toolbox.

Prerequisites: no previous experience with Scala is required (or expected), but you need to know at least one programming language well (ideally Java or another object-oriented language).


  • Syntax
  • REPL
  • Objects and classes
  • Testing
  • Try (exceptions)

Functional programming

  • Collections
  • Immutability
  • Functions

The Scala type system

  • Inheritance
  • Mix-in traits

Pattern matching

  • Promises
  • Actors
  • Extractors
  • Option

After this course, you will

  • Be able to apply a functional programming style in Scala
  • Be ready to begin using Scala professionally