Deep dive into R

So many people think of R as a very messy tool for doing data science. Sorry, but they're wrong: R is a general purpose functional programming language, which is governed by a few clear rules. This course will expose you to the depth and breadth of R so that you will have a deep understanding of how everything works, and  why. Even if you have no particular experience in computer programming you will notice how easy it is to write powerful R scripts.

The course discusses the following topics:

  • R basic data types
  • Atomic vectors and operations on them
  • Lists
  • R as a functional programming language
  • Object attributes and object oriented programming
  • R complex data types (matrices, factors, and data frames)
  • Unit testing
  • Debugging, and code profiling
  • Writing R packages
  • String processing, dates, regular expressions (using the stringi package)
  • Speeding up operations on multiple files
  • Dynamic report generation with knitr