Good engineering practices in Python: creating and consuming APIs

A crash course in Python, including the language and its ecosystem. We also cover the basics of working with git, writing tests, building packages, and how to consume and implement APIs.


  • Complete Syntax
  • Data Structures
  • Object oriented programming and introduction to the functional paradigm
  • Python idioms and things to look out for

Learn the ropes of the Python ecosystem

  • How to use a Python IDE and text editors effectively
  • Basic command line tricks
  • Learn how to use git and some git workflows


  • Learn the ropes of the Python ecosystem
  • Virtual environments for package isolation
  • Build distribution packages and learn about different ways of distributing code
  • Writing tests

Web APIs

  • Design an API considering use cases in advance
  • Write a simple API and produce self-documentation for it
  • Write tests for APIs