Data Science Retreat brings together exceptional talent in a small batch of 10-14 participants for a transition to the next position of Data Scientist. To ensure that all talents can contribute to building the next generation of AI-driven products, Data Science Retreat is partnering with CHANCEN eG. We can offer to defer your tuition fee until you have secured employment, thereby taking away the need to pay upfront.


First, submit your application to Data Science Retreat.

If Data Science Retreat interviews and admits you, and you have signed the participant's agreement, then you may next apply for the Income Share Agreement to CHANCEN eG. For your ISA application complete the online form found at this link

If you are currently living in Germany the interview with CHANCEN eG will take place at their office in Berlin. Else, you will be offered an online interview. The focus of the interview will be getting to know you as a person.


To be eligible to apply to CHANCEN eG directly you must meet the following requirement:

  • Be a passport holder of any of the 28 European Union member states or, else, be a 'Bildungsinländer', i.e. you have completed your secondary education in Germany.


For more information on the Income Share Agreement offered by CHANCEN eG please visit


CHANCEN eG takes care of your participation fees whilst you focus on the program and develop your skills. You commit to making income-based repayments once you earn above the minimum income threshold. They are limited by a minimum repayment amount and capped at a ceiling. The repayment is 12,5% of the relevant income over two years. If the minimum income threshold is not reached repayments are suspended and postponed.
The conditions of CHANCEN eG are as follows

  • 12,5% of your relevant income for two years

  • Minimum repayment amount: EUR 10,000

  • Minimum income threshold: EUR 21,000 (net)

  • Cap in year 1: EUR 11,000

  • Cap in year 2: EUR 11,800

  • Cap in year 3: EUR 12,800

  • Cap in year 4: EUR 13,800

  • ...and so on.

For more information please consult

Paying your tuition fee directly 

If you prefer, you may pay directly your tuition fee of EUR 10.000.

Data Science Retreat will ask you to pay EUR 5,000 upfront to secure your participation.

The second installment of EUR 5,000 may be paid while you are attending the retreat.