Financing Options


Students can pay the complete tuition fee of €10.500 before the start of the retreat. Alternatively, accepted students can pay €5.250 before the start of the retreat and balance €5.250 within the first two weeks of the retreat.

2. Bildungsgutschein​

Are you unemployed ? ​or Are you currently on Kurzarbeit ?​ or

Are you soon to be unemployed?​

If YES, then you can now take our course 100% funded by Agentur für Arbeit / Job Center​

3. ISA - Chancen eG

With an Income Share Agreement (ISA) you pay nothing upfront, and you start repaying only after you find a job.

What is an Income Share Agreement (ISA)?​

An income share agreement (or ISA) is a contract between a school/financing company and a student where the student agrees to make payments after graduation based on a percentage of their income for a set period of time. The payment is proportional to how much the student earns, and it's capped to a certain maximum amount.

With an ISA you pay nothing upfront, and you start repaying only after you find a job. The ISA model came from a student association (not an evil bank!) and is only now starting to become popular as an alternative to debt. The ISA that DSR offers through CHANCEN eG has lots of downside protection. You can see it came from a company that cares about socially responsible actions and promoting equal opportunities. An ISA is a good choice that makes it possible for you to access education irrespective of your financial background, giving you the freedom to access education and shape your own career path.

FAQ about ISA

Who can get it?​

you are eligible, if you fall under one of the below categories:

a) German “Bildungsinländer”,

  • A Bildungsinländer is a foreign student who got his/her high school leaving
  • certificate in Germany, but not from a Studienkolleg
  • People with a German Abitur and / or with a long-term perspective of staying in Germany might be able to get funding, but only sometimes on basis of a justifiable exception. The processing of those applications needs a lot more time.

b) EU citizens as well as of Liechtenstein, Swiss, Norway, Great Britain, Iceland, Monaco and USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel.

What documents are required to apply for an ISA?

Chancen eG is a partner of Data Science Retreat and has its own admissions process. They will ask you for:

1) CV

2) Motivational Letter covering the following questions:

  • Why do you want to study Data Science?
  • Why at DSR?
  • Why do you fit into our solidarity model?
  • Please describe a difficulty that you have overcome in your life.

3) References (e.g. high school diploma, transcripts of Bachelor/Master/PhD, potential work references)

4) Interview

The entire process should last around two weeks, so please plan ahead. You cannot start your training at DSR until Chancen eG has accepted you.

What do I need to do? ​

Get accepted onto DSR and sign the participant’s agreement, and pass an interview with Chancen eG, who provide the financing. If you live in Germany, the interview’s in Berlin, otherwise, it happens online.

How do I repay it?​

Tuition repayment starts once you get a job earning more than €21.000 a year. You pay up to 12,5% of your income for five years, but your total repayment’s capped.

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