In person, in Berlin

12 weeks, full-time (5 days a week)

Small class sizes (10-14)

Most advanced curriculum in Europe


Taught in English

Learn at no-risk a
recession-proof profession

Become a Data Scientist

Be in Demand

Study a Data Science Curriculum that will get you a job

Speed up your transition into Data Science

Advanced Data Science, taught in person by industry experts. 

Some of our graduates are now at C-level/VP positions

Konstantinos Papakonstantinou

Chief Data Officer at Kreditech

Marcus Jones

Managing Director (CTO) at Weeve

Carlo Restelli

VP Risk at Grover

Jörg Döpfert

CTO and founder, Mediaire, ranked the 2nd best start-up in Germany

About us

Data Science Retreat is a three month, full-time, in person program that will give you the skills to succeed in data science. 

We support your transition with eight weeks of in-person teaching, from experts working in the world class Berlin tech scene.

In the last four weeks you will work on your personal portfolio project – a chance to use your new skills on a problem you care about. 

The course finishes with  a demonstration day here in Berlin, where you show what can be achieved in three months.

Upcoming Batches

March 30th – June 30th, 2020

June 29th – September 22nd, 2020

September 21st – December 15th, 2020


You can join our program through an income share agreement without paying in advance, and repay in instalments once you get a job after the retreat.


After three months of hands-on work, we host a public Demo Day, where you will present your project to the Berlin data science community.


Our goal is to get you ready for your next challenge and to set you up for success on the job market. 

We help you improve your presentation and interview skills, guide you through recruitment processes starting from updating your resume to accepting an offer.


All students design, implement and present a hands-on portfolio project.  The project is a chance to show employers your new skillset.  

You won’t be alone – the Data Science Retreat staff & community will mentor you along the way.


our participants are


PhD or Post Doc

Data Analysts


Software Developers


Industry insiders

Domain experts

What graduates saY

“Intense, challenging, with huge amounts of support” –Catarina

“Most productive time of my life” –Mack

"For me it was not only stunning to see what everyone from my batch achieved within the three month of this immersive hands-on program but also to experience the great team spirit emerging among my peers."​
Dr. Lisa Heße
Deep Learning Scientist at nyris GmbH​
“The most productive 3 months of my life. DSR has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. I think the opportunity for learning and personal growth is unparalleled"​
Mack Delany​
Data Scientist, Nelson Artificial Intelligence Institute
"The learning rate is tremendous. Data Science Retreat has pushed me to my limit and beyond"
Toavina Andriamanerasoa
Senior Data Scientist at New Yorker
"I got three solid offers after the training"​
Diego Amicabile​
Chief Lead Software Engineer at Infinitec Solutions​

Our Projects

Toy Self Driving care (2018)

A Toy self car that drives within the borders of a circuit. Marcus Jones wrote the operating system (open source) before Amazon released theirs late 2019.


Malaria Microscope (2019)

Code runs on (donated, second hand) phones; hardware is cheap to produce (60 USD). Diagnosing malaria without needing a doctor could potentially save 600k lives per year.

The project was covered by GEO magazine March 2020.


Wheelchair path recommender

Bumpy sidewalks are a problem for wheelchair users, skaters, and small robots. This project took a gold standard of roughness driving a wheelchair around Berlin with a phone attached taking accelerometer data and video of the ground. Then the team generalized their data to the entire city using google street view. The final product could recommend the smoothest path between two points on openStreetMaps.

Self- Driving robot that picks cigarette butts

Cigarette butts are hard to pick up and a serious enviromental risk. A single butt can poison 40 liters of water. This project, inspired by the Pixar movie Wall-e, built a prototype on top of the toy self driving car from previous year. The team added a robot arm and computer vision to detect the cigarette butts. The local cleaning company liked the prototype enough to have three meetings with the team.


What companies say

“After having interviewed hundreds of aspiring data scientists over the years, my experience is that DSR graduates are almost universally in the top 10% in terms of readiness to contribute and deep domain expertise. I have so far hired 6 DSR alumni, all of which have proven highly capable individuals whose contributions have made a huge impact in Kreditech.”
Jose Garcia​
Chief Data Scientist, Kreditech​
"We hired a data scientist from DSR, and have been absolutely delighted. Not only was the person able to hit the ground running, he also impressed us on multiple occasions with his speedy delivery and well-rounded skill set. It should come as no surprise that he rose up to become a senior data scientist in short order.”​
Peter Tegelaar​
Chief Data Scientist, Catawiki​
“The graduates we hired from DSR have performed very well. We have been impressed by the skillset they had obtained in both machine learning and computer science in a fairly short period of time. The quality of the candidate pool is much higher than in the open. If we increase our headcount, we would hire from DSR again.”
Ronert Obst​
Chief Data Scientist, NewYorker​

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