Kevin Wong

Kevin Wong works as Product Manager at OLX, a global online marketplace that leads the classified ads market in India, Pakistan, Brazil, and Poland. Previously he had roles in Data Science and Product at Fyber and Zalando. He has extensive experience in making and presenting the business case for data and product.
Kevin studied International Business at the Erasmus University (Rotterdam) and holds a Master's degree in Operational Research from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). He is an alumnus of Data Science Retreat (Batch 01).


Learning outcomes

  • If you are not very familiar with sales presentations, we will drill you on how to deliver these too. You will be fully aware of things like attention flows, tension, story telling, business value, and body language . in your audience as well as for yourself.

We prepare you for the most demanding communication activity in data science: Selling the value of what you do to people who don't necessarily understand it. We film at least two presentations that you give, watch them carefully, and give you feedback individually. Important elements include:

  • Asking data from people that are scared of you;
  • Delivering challenging news;
  • Making the business case for a data science investment;
  • Anticipating and tracking improvements to the bottom line.


  • Active engagment