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Dr Amelie Anglade

Dr Amélie Anglade has worked for SoundCloud, Philips and Sony. She is a freelance Data Science Consultant specializing in Music Information Retrieval. Mostly engaged by music startups, she develops solutions for music data ranging from recommender systems and audio signal processing to re-ranking and classification algorithms.
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Prof Dr Marek Gagolewski

Dr. Marek Gagolewski is a Professor at the Polish Academy of Sciences and Warsaw University of Technology, researching and teaching on Data Science, Big Data, and Machine Learning. He teaches introductory and advanced courses in R, Python, and C++, and supervises PhD and MSc students in Computer and Data Science.
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Dr Kristian Rother

Dr. Kristian Rother is a professional Python trainer, speaker and author. He has developed tools and techniques to support everybody in learning programming. He is the author of two Python books and Github training material, including the translation of key texts from English to German (Joel Grus 'Data Science from Scratch', and Wes McKinney 'Python for Data Analysis').
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Dr Jesús Martínez-Blanco

Dr Jesús Martínez-Blanco is a physicist turned data scientist with a broad interest in solving data related problems with Machine Learning, Data Analysis, and Data Visualization. He is Data Scientist at LiveIntent developing predictive models and recommenders. His stack includes Python, Igor, R, and JavaScript.
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Alessandro Pedori

Alessandro Pedori joined Yahoo! in 2000, when it was still hip. Later, he worked on accessing the web with phones that weren't particularly smart, proceeded to spend years in the localization industry, and fell in love with Python (it just made sense). He entered the world of data engineering from the backdoor.
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Dr Felipe Aguirre Martinez

Dr Felipe Aguirre Martinez is the Lead Data Scientist at WorkIT Software,
Paris. Felipe is Colombian. He is a Mechanical Engineer with a
Ph.D. in computer science from the Université de Technologie de Compiègne.
Felipe is an alumnus of Data Science Retreat (Batch 09). During his Ph.D.
and his first years of professional experience,
he worked in the field of reliability and risk analysis.
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Daniel Voigt Godoy

Daniel Voigt Godoy is a Data Scientist and Programmer with more than
15 years of experience in Brazil and in Germany in the financial sector,
including private banking and public treasury. He has led developer
teams with more than 20 members.
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Dr Jose Quesada

Jose Quesada is the founder and director of DSR. Jose helps others decide better, do better, or be better through data. Like everyone else, he doesn’t know what data science really is, but suspects it has to do with predicting the future before it catches you empty-handed. He has a PhD in Machine learning and worked at top research labs (U. of Colorado, Boulder, Carnegie Mellon, Max Planck Institute). Previously he was a data scientist consultant, specializing in customer lifetime value, and as the head data scientist for GetYourGuide.

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David Anderson

David Anderson began his career as a research scientist at Carnegie Mellon University, Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs, and Sun Labs. A former CTO and Chief Architect, David has been leading the development of data intensive applications for companies and startups across Europe (e.g.agile methodologies, relational databases, distributed databases, recommendation engines).
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Adam Green

Adam Green is an Energy Data Scientist at the startup Tempus Energy. He is on a mission to decarbonise the supply of heat and electricity, and in particular to use machine learning in solving energy problems. He forecasts energy prices using supervised Neural Networks, and he is testing Reinforcement Learning models to optimize energy systems.
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Pawel Jankiewicz

Pawel Jankiewicz is a Lead Data Scientist at Growbots, an AI-powered outbound sales platform. He has a background in Finance and Banking, working for 6 years in one of the biggest banks in Poland as a reporting specialist. After repeated success in Data Science competitions, he switched careers.
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Steve Upton

Steve Upton is a software engineer with a background in testing, messaging, and distributed system design. Steve worked at IBM on a variety of projects, from Mainframes to Microservices and was a voting member of the OASIS MQTT Technical Committee. He currently works for HERE Deutschland as a QA Lead on Microservices and IoT systems.
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Philipp Schmidt

Philipp Schmidt is a Data Scientist and Software Engineer at Fyber, a mobile advertising technology company built by developers, with 500+ million monthly active users. Philipp has equally strong and broad machine learning capabilities. Philipp is a fan of Scala and Akka, and endorses reactive and functional programming paradigms.
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Gerrit Gruben

Gerrit Gruben combines broad capabilities in Machine Learning and Big Data strategies, e.g. from implementing a scalable tracking system as a microservice deploying on AWS to using Apache Spark and Scala for practical machine learning tasks.
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Kevin Wong

Kevin Wong works as Product Manager at OLX, a global online marketplace that leads the classified ads market in India, Pakistan, Brazil, and Poland. Previously he had roles in Data Science and Product at Fyber and Zalando. He has extensive experience in making and presenting the business case for data and product.
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