Dr. Jose Quesada

Founder and Managing Director

Daniel Voigt Godoy

Dean - Data Science

Arun Kalarickal

Head of HR and Operations

Abin Babu

Operations Coordinator

Our Trainers

Dr. Jesús Martínez-Blanco

Principal Data Scientist, FlixBus

Dr. Tristan Behrens

DS & AI Educator, AI Guru

Rachel Berryman

Deputy Head of AI Center of Excellence

Antonio Rueda-Toicen

Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Vinted

Dr. Edith Chorev

Director of Data Science, FactoryPal

Samson Afolabi

Data Scientist at SHARE NOW

Jacopo Farina

Senior software developer, Flixbus

Dr. Aline Quadros

Data Scientist, Joblift

Kevin SL Wong

Product Coach, METRO.digital

Markus Hinsche

Founding Member, AI Guild

Dr. Damian Klimke

Product Manager/Owner, Taxy.io

Paul Mora

Senior Analyst -DS, QuantumBlack

Dr. Patrick Baier

Professor - Machine Learning and AI, Hochschule Karlsruhe

Iskriyana Vasileva

Data Scientist, home24 SE

Dr. Nima H. Siboni

Research Engineer, InstaDeep Ltd

Dr. Stanislav Chekmenev

Machine Learning Engineer, CertaintyLab

Adam Green

Data Engineer, Gridcognitionruiting

Sandro Phan

Tech Recruiting Lead, ZEISS Group

Davide Posillipo

Lead Data Scientist, Alkemy enabling evolution

Safaa Alnabulsi

Senior Platform Engineer & Tech Domain Owner, Scout24 Group