Dr. José Quesada

Jose Quesada is the founder of DSR. Jose helps others to decide better, do better, or be better through data. Like everyone else, he doesn’t know what data science really is, but suspects it has to do with predicting the future before it catches you empty-handed.

He holds a PhD in Machine learning and has worked at top research labs (U. of Colorado, Boulder; Carnegie Mellon; Max Planck Institute for Human Development). Previously he was a data scientist consultant, specializing in customer lifetime value, and also head data scientist at GetYourGuide.

Marie Pilz
Head of Operations

Marie has to handle data all day every day, ensuring the smooth operation of DSR. On a typical morning, her screen will be flooded with new applications and alumni affairs, accounting and legal matters. She is an important partner for the batch participants.

She has worked in Prague as a finance lawyer for international law and accounting firms (e.g. KPMG), leading and managing complex transactions.

She loves spending time hiking with her gigantic but very friendly dog.

Dr. Chris Armbruster

Chris runs and expands DSR. His background is the data-driven study of reader and author behavior, e.g. by collecting logfile data from academic publishers, running global surveys and investigating business models. Chris was also part of the team that set up the digital infrastructure for the 80 Max Planck Institutes to facilitate open science

Chris enjoys mentoring, building, and rescuing science and education startups. 

Chris is our local hero. He was born in Berlin and knows most things about the tumultuous events of 1989 when the Wall came down.