The Team



Jose Quesada is the founder of DSR. Jose helps others to decide better, do better, or be better through data. Like everyone else, he doesn’t know what data science really is, but suspects it has to do with predicting the future before it catches you empty-handed. He holds a PhD in Machine learning and has worked at top research labs (U. of Colorado, Boulder; Carnegie Mellon; Max Planck Institute for Human Development). Previously he was a data scientist consultant, specializing in customer lifetime value, and also head data scientist at GetYourGuide.

Adam Green


Adam Green is an energy engineer and data scientist. He has over 6 years experience working at the intersection of energy, data and machine learning. His research interests include reinforcement learning and time series. Adam is responsible for managing the teaching and curriculum at DSR, and is an alumni from Batch 9. His portfolio project at DSR was energy-py, which Adam continues to use today.



Peter is responsible for the commercial side of DSR. Innovation and digital product executive with 10+ years international experience in digital transformation of F500 companies, launching IoT products, new business models and ventures, digital marketing and communication.



Arun, originally from India, is currently pursuing his master’s in international business and consulting with a specialization in Human Resource Management at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. He has over 6 years of industry experience in Human Resource Management with special focus in Learning and Development. He is handling the human resource activities of Data Science Retreat (DSR) and is also assisting the director in smooth running of the daily operations at DSR.